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Frequently asked Questions 


Will it work on curved glass?

  Yes, but there are a couple factors, which will determine the severity of the curve an operator can cross. The first is the ability to keep our scratch removal system in a vacuum between the shroud seal and the glass. The second factor is the experience or skill of the operator. 

Can we remove mineral deposits or build-up from glass?

No problem, for most deposits or build-up, they can be removed with great ease. 

Does it work on tinted glass?

Yes, the system won't take anything away since the tint goes all the way through the glass. 

Does the scratch removal process weaken the glass?

A scratch on a piece of glass is actually called a stress.   With that in mind, our technicians remove the scratch creating a structurally sound piece of glass. 

How does it work?

The scratch removal system we use is designed to remove scratches from virtually any type of glass. This system is hand held and uses a vacuum process to hold the machine onto the glass, while at the same time, providing a continuous flow of slurry through the system. The flow of slurry provides a continual source of new abrasives and keeps the glass within a cool operating temperature. 

How close to the edge can you polish?

We can typically polish scratches up to 1/4" from the edge of the glass 

Can it be use on tempered glass?

Absolutely, it actually works very efficiently on tempered glass because of the glass density. Our scratch removal system work equally well on laminated, curved, plate and mirrored glass.  We are capable of handling any thickness of glass, including single strength.