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Southern California’s #1 Complete Glass Maintenance Company



Glass Scratch Removal


Over the past 4 years Scratch Masters has been saving companies an incredible amount of money and time by salvaging damaged glass rather than hacking them out.  Our technician's can removes scratches, mineral deposits, graffiti scratches and water spots from all types of glass.  We have excellent results on plate, insulated, tempered and mirrored glass and with a 95% success rate with in homes, businesses and automobiles. Customers save hundreds in glass replacement costs.  We also have the ability to maneuver around curves and along edges.

 Our Scratch Removal capability is unlike any other Scratch Removal process in the world. It does not use abrasives like Cerium Oxide, Rogue or Pumice, so it does not leave a low spot in the glass that causes distortion. Unique non-abrasive compounds and pads work to remove the scratch with out removing the glass. This difference enables you to remove scratches up to .004” deep (deep enough to catch your fingernail) without leaving any distortion.)

Window Washing

Commercial / Residential

We specialize in homes from single level to multi-level structures.  If you are looking for a company that will make the difference, look no further than Scratch Masters.

Our technicians are trained to handle and access any window without damaging the home.  We even go one step further and wear slipcovers over our shoes, place drop cloths to protect your flooring and leave behind no messy water puddles or chemicals.

Protective Masking

The ideal masking solution to protect against over-sprays, mortar stains and more. Our Window product is a 2-mil. self-adhering poly that covers more than just windows.  It can be used to guard window frames, counter tops, cabinets, glass,  plus factory-applied shellacs, varnishes, and polyurethane finishes.  The clear film shows off finished surfaces while it protects for up to 45 days without leaving an adhesive residue. 


This durable liquid mask forms a "latex glove" over hard-to-cover surfaces providing 7-mil. protection for tubs, showers and other highly polished surfaces like porcelain, enamel, fiberglass, acrylic, metal and
  Our liquid mask is colored reflex blue and offers a great way to guard whirlpool or soaking tubs during construction when scratches and burns can ruin finishes.





Protect any surface with our Polyethylene protective Tape!  Your surfaces have a much better chance to avoid damage during the construction period.  We can protect all surfaces i.e. windows, counter-tops, showers/tubs, carpets and the list goes on and on.  For more information or a free demo, send us an email.